We're pivoting!

We appreciate all the feedback on the MyNetwork product. We hope you check out our new product below.

Meet the people you ACTUALLY want to meet

MyNetwork will be coming back in a couple years.

Below is what that product's goals and mission were.


For Professionals and Individuals

build stronger relationships
with important people
Visualize your important connections
At a glance, see who has: posted on social media, reached out to you directly, updated profile information, or is falling out of touch. Always know your next move by who's closest to the center of the network.
Categorize your contacts and relationships
Assign importance, strength of relationship, and desired frequency of communication for every important contact. Helps you focus on the people who matter and not on the ones who don't.
Communicate quickly eliminate writers block
An intelligent messaging system with 50+ SmartMessagesTM for every situation. Guidelines to write well-written, concise, professional emails in a fraction of the time.
Remember when to get back in touch
Recurring reminders that only go off if you haven't contacted the person in too long. Smart reminders for new contacts automatically pare back over time to optimize communication frequency.
Track comprehensive relationship histories
Never forget where the conversation left off, easily view what you've spoken about in the past and quickly add in-person interactions not automatically captured by the system.
View social feeds for your important contacts
Easily see what your connections have been up to on social media. A social feed combines Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, but only for your tracked contacts. That means less noise, more valuable information.
Add new contacts in a snap
Our proprietary add-contact feature lets you scan business cards, categorize contacts, and add important information like where you met in a simple three step, 60-second process.


For Academia and Career Centers

help your students
capitalize on the opportunities
you provide to them
Communicate directly with your students
Post email-style messages directly on the platform. Unlike emails, these won't get buried under other messages because only the career center can post to MyNetwork.
Leverage powerful data and reports
Comprehensive reports on student usage, engagement, and performance allow you to see where your students need the most help - so you can focus your programming and offerings on those areas.
Post links to your website and resources
Build a database of links to your content and other tools and put them at your student's fingertips - only a click away whenever they're logged into the system.
Advance your career center offerings
Legacy systems and job boards have poor engagement levels and aren't where jobs are found any more. Add cutting edge technology to your career center to help students get jobs with how 75% of jobs are found -
through networking.
Engage students with tools they’ll use
Because MyNetwork integrates directly with the networks students already use, they’ll actually use it! And there's no download, no install, and students won’t have any trouble learning the intuitive system.
Increase ROI of job fairs & networking events
By providing a tool that allows students to easily set reminders and add important details immediately following meeting new contacts, they are much more likely to actually leverage each opportunity they have.
Save Time for you and your staff
We know you're busy. MyNetwork can save you time and help you help more students by answering the basic networking questions students have, so you can focus on your more pressing issues and initiatives.

“MyNetwork helps me stay on top of following up with new connections. In the past, I found periodic follow-ups with connections to be awkward to type, but now MyNetwork has made this process quick and easy.”

Jack E. - Bucknell '16

"MyNetwork is beyond ideal for me, it has simplified the process of managing my connections by making one place where I can keep track of people I meet and guide me through the follow-up process.”

Telvin L. - Babson '16

"The MyNetwork application has not only helped me organize and begin to stay in touch with my key contacts but also realize the necessity for networking in my life. This is a tool that every ambitious college student should be aware of and have access to.”

Jared W. - Tulane '16


What We Believe

We are more connected than ever before, yet so disconnected.
We are overwhelmed by all our contacts on multiple platforms.
We believe the last thing we need is another social network.
We need a systematic way to foster our existing connections.

That's MyNetwork. See for yourself.